-The mission of the University of Miami American Society of Civil Engineers student chapter is to serve as a bridge way for civil, architectural, and environmental engineering students in their development and advancement as professional engineers.


-This organization promotes integrity, professionalism, and technical prowess in all civil engineering disciplines. It serves as a network to forge relationships amongst students, our department faculty, and the professional engineering community in hopes of the betterment of civilization for all humanity.


-Through outreach and service we inspire energy and enthusiasm for engineering in the community as we provide with a higher understanding and appreciation of civil engineering.


The University of Miami’s ASCE executive board has set several goals for the 2019-2020 year for our growing student chapter.

They are as follows:

-Develop the academic and professional abilities of UM ASCE student members through dependable tutoring and mentorship opportunities.


-Connect our student members with professionals in the civil engineering field, in both formal and informal settings, creating networking opportunities that can lead to future jobs and relationships.


-To establish an effective online presence, through social media and a revamped website. This will further help us reach professionals and alumni, even outside of the Miami-Dade area.


-Improve our university standing at the annual ASCE Southeastern Student Conference.